How to Eat Healthy Without ‘Dieting’

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You’ve accepted that “diets” — the kind that you go on and then off of — don’t work.

You have tried quite a few and with little long term success and you’ve had enough.

Why bother? It’s too much effort, and you’ll put the weight back on anyway right? In fact, you’re keeping in with the statistics that 90–95% of all diets fail.

But you don’t want to be the norm. You want to be the exception.

You want to be and eat healthy without the drama of “dieting”.

Not having to stress about how you look and what you have to eat sounds too good to be true.

It’s not. You can eat healthy. You can be healthy. You don’t have to “diet”.

Here are some ideas on how to do just that.

Don’t use the ‘D’ word

But that’s the thing — it’s a way of eating and living that worked for them. They are not you. You are unique. You need to know what works for you.

So take on board the information, tools and techniques that make sense to you and ignore the rest.

Discover what is ‘healthy’ for you

It’s up to you to do the extra work and discover what foods are healthy for you — for your body and for your mind.

Keep track of what you eat and how you feel for a week or two using an app or a paper and pen.

Being able to see what you eat, the amounts you eat it in and the moods your going through will help you work out what is good for you, and what’s not. For example — I love bread, chocolate cake and ice-cream, but they don’t love me — the bloating and mood swings aren’t worth it.

If you need help working what foods are healthy for you, contact your local nutritionist or dietitian.

Would you feed that to your…?

Ask yourself the question — “Would I feed this to my <insert favourite living creature/person here>?”

For example, when holding a large piece of chocolate cake — “Would I feed this to my dog?”, when craving a greasy cheeseburger and chips — “Would I feed this to my cat?”, when holding a giant bag of chips and lollies — “Would I feed this to my 2 year old child?”

No, no and no.

The idea is that you stop and make a conscience decision about what you’re about to eat? If you wouldn’t feed it to someone/thing that you love, why would you feed it to yourself?

The 80:20 rule

We can’t all eat perfectly all of the time — if we could there wouldn’t be a weight-loss/diet industry after all!

You’re human, it is ok to relax and enjoy yourself — even if that means a giant piece of chocolate cake every now and then.

When you take the pressure off of yourself to eat healthy all the time, you will feel happier, and you most likely will eat healthier.

Eat Healthy, Feel Healthy, Be Healthy — “Diets” not required

You just need to take a step back, work out what foods are right for you, and take the drama out of eating.

So pick an idea from the list above, and give yourself another chance to eat healthy, feel healthy and be healthy.

You can do this! Your body will love you for it.

Naturopath and Nutritionist with a love for all things weird and wonderful (and chocolate!)

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